Why I didn’t celebrate Easter like you did this year

Why I didn’t celebrate Easter like you did this year

With Easter being a day where the meaning of the day is to celebrate Jesus’s resurrection. It seems that the day is filled with spending money. CNN reported on Friday that Americans will spend on average between 140 -150 dollars for preparation Easter Sunday.(1) The economy will get a multi billion dollar boost.(1) The day of Easter has become where people wear pastel colors, some have Easter egg hunts, take photos with bunny rabbits, feasts and etc. Now I don’t have a issue with feasting but did most miss the point of Easter? For some this is the only day they step foot in church and or see their family all year.

If your Christian and you believe in God then Easter is about Jesus dying on the cross for your sins and resurrecting on Sunday. The significance of Jesus’s death and resurrection if your are an Christian is that you don’t have to die for your sins. Adam and Eve were the first ones to see death ever. Imagine how terrifying it would be to witness grass turning brown, leaves falling for the first time. We call winter (Christmas) the most wonderful time of the year. How confused are people that celebrate these holidays?  It seems very! Winter is when everything is dead!

This idea of escaping death is what Easter is supposed to be about. It seems people are obsessed with death until real death hits a family member or a friend or us personally. Then the true meaning is focused on. Imagine having to murder a lamb for the first time on earth…this experience to day makes most people stop eating meat forever!  Jesus’s death alleviates the penalty of death and that is why it’s celebrated by christians! I’m no theologian but I can add 1+1 and it seems like most get 3 instead of 2. In an effort to try to understand Easter I decided to go to church and enjoy the day and reflect on the meaning of the day and not get caught up in the marketing ploy on the day! I’m not into making people rich under a false pre tense…most of the way we keep Easter is pagan anyway…a complete opposite of the reason of the day! No bunny rabbits at the cross, or pastel colors nor Easter eggs for me! It seems like I’d be missing the point.  That’s the Buttnaked Truth!


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