Viacom pulls 25 channels from Directv, No more Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta

Viacom pulls 25 channels from Directv, No more Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta

There is a show that has been getting a lot of attention over the last few months called Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. As a Facebook user’s I see comments and questions posed about this show and how out of control it is. I have been hearing so much about Love and Hip Hop airing on VH1 that I attempted to check it out for a third time to make sure I saw the same show everyone has been raving about. Upon checking out the show again, all the stereotypes and intense ignorance were present just as I remembered from the past viewings of the show. Basketball Wives, The Real housewives of Atlanta are shows that I consider silly shows but Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta takes things right to blackface! As I was getting ready to see the conclusion of the episode where José line has the abortion, The channel cut off at about 10:45pm and I was informed that Viacom cut programming for 25 of its channels because they want 30 % more in revenues from Direct TV for they’re programing.

As I started to understand Viacom and DIRECTV’s positions on this issue, I went on the Love and Hip-Hop website. I noticed a call to action for DIRECTV customer’s to call the company and demand those precious Viacom channels back. I then saw on my TV that DIRECTV is in the process of working out the issue and to bear with them until this issue is resolved. Some of the stations that Viacom owns are BET, MTV, Comedy Central, TV Land and VH1. As I started to ponder these station’s and their programming I had to ask myself the question,” What makes these stations so popular?” Which led me to ask myself and you guys reading as well,” Should I pay extra for programming like Love and Hip-Hop or station’s that support programming that is likened to blackface comedy?


These types of shows just aren’t on VH1. Questionable and deemed buffoonery type programming is apart of Viacom’s programming throughout their stations.  Although in Love and Hip-Hop has a interesting cast and the women in the show have nice butts and breast (guys & gals) The ultimate question remains….”In 2012 are YOU and other American’s willing to pay 30% extra on these channels for this type of programming?”

Butt-nakedly speaking, I personally would say I am not willing to pay extra for this type of entertainment nor do I support it! I feel that it is past time to demand a better image/subject matter from networks! Subject content has to improve!  This is my personal take but I am only one man so please chime in and give your opinion!

P.S. If you think Love and Hip-Hop is good wholesome American TV…. I really want to hear what you have to say! Please set me straight!

In case you are wondering where you can get information on this issue to verify information that I have spoken on you can turn on your DirecTV receiver or check out

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