The demasculuzation of the Black man in hip hop!

The demasculuzation of the Black man in hip hop!

Is it me or are black men becoming more and more feminine in mainstream hip hop? It’s bad enough we have Drake blubbering and crying on every song, but now we have Lil Wayne galloping around in leggings, skinny jeans and tight half shirts with Jordan’s on. It’s not cool, cute or attractive in any way shape or form. I mean, come on ladies, do you really want your man sneaking around in your leggings? Something has got to give!! I’ve never been one to follow fads or trends because they eliminate the individuality we all possess. Now our black men are being degraded even further. What’s next, bras and panties for men? When did it become ok for men to wear lip gloss and eye liner? Men have lost their mind and there’s no way I can take a man seriously when his scrotum is staring at me through a pair of medium tights! All I’m saying is can we go back to baggie jeans and white tee’s? I don’t mind a little sagging, but if your behind is out on display like your girl’s, Houston we have a problem here. Will the real men PLEASE stand up!!

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