TBNT 4/24:Episode 3 Why do women think most men are dogs? ( Video)

TBNT 4/24:Episode 3 Why do women think most men are dogs?     ( Video)

For years we have heard that men are dogs but the real question is why do women think this way? Is it all men’s fault. Do men have that much power to make most women believe that they are dogs? Perhaps most men are dogs and if they are do women just have no choice in the matter… You know took the question to the people….Here’s what I found……

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9 thoughts on “TBNT 4/24:Episode 3 Why do women think most men are dogs? ( Video)

  1. Very real Dee! Keep up the strong work and the tough questions. How about this question:

    Why are woman so quick to ask a man to pay their bills and other superficial items? Is that what they look for in a relationship?

    1. I think women ask for those things because they want security. I think some of them have a strange definition of security though! I think they do look for those things in a relationship!

  2. If women don’t treat themselfs with respect then why should a man? What you have with inside is what you give out, and that is what come back to you. So women don’t let the dog in the house.

    1. I agree. Some say that the guy hides himself until your emotionally invested and then the dog comes out which hooks the woman to the man. I think you can tell but choose not to…but I have heard this more than once.

  3. yes men are dogs at times,but ladies we need to respect them when they are nice to us and stop thinking that we are all that and a bag of chips. At times we can be hard to get alone with. So ladies get with it and do the right thing and men you also need to do the right thing. I think that this is a great program keep up the good work.

  4. no one should be dogged by another, we should have respect for each another. But sometimes that don’t happen. So we must respect ourselves and demand it from the men in our life.


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