Saying goodbye to unhealthy friendships!

Saying goodbye to unhealthy friendships!

When growing up leads to growing apart: Friendships lost.
Many of us are venturing closer and closer to 40 and change is the only constant in our life. That change includes our friends and most of all those friends who we painstakingly MUST let go as friends. We all have friends who are considered our bestie’s, our mains, the ones we would ride or die for, But what about that friend that is still stuck in their irresponsible 20’s… the same friend that was ‘cool’ and ‘funny’ and got into all sorts of trouble with you? The same friend you have loved dearly for many years? What do you do? I’ve struggled with my own failures in life and have been the person to run to someone’s aid in a time of crisis. In the past this has hurt me in more ways than I can count. Plenty of times I’ve been left holding the ball due to a friend choosing their man over me or other ‘friends’ over our own friendship. Loyalty isn’t a value many hold dear these days.
In the last few years I’ve evaluated much of my life. I’m more cognizant of my decisions and I take more time to think about them before acting. At the same time I’ve lost friends or grown apart from friends because of my decisions. So my question is; is it wrong to distance yourself from those that have continued on a less successful path to better your own? The butt naked truth is at the end of the day the only person who can live your life is you. We grow and age with the hope of gaining valuable experience and knowledge. And the fact of the matter is the company you keep determines the success you will reach! You can’t become successful drinking and smoking, and hanging out with people who have no ambition except that. You cannot become the best you can be displaying your worst possible self!
The bottom line is cut your losses. We are all grown. I can’t babysit grown people and hold hands with people that can barely function as adults. It may hurt and it may sound harsh, but this is coming from someone who has made terrible decisions in the name of ‘friends’ only to come up short on my own! Severing ties has nothing to do with love or loyalty, but all to do with becoming a better person and surrounding yourself around people that are in your life to uplift and not tear down what you have built with their constant irresponsibility! And that folks is as butt naked as it gets!

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  1. People come into your life for a time and purpose, sometime it last for a life time and sometime not. When you have gotten the lesson they came to give and the relationship change to bad, you must know when to let them go. Only those relationships that left you up is worth keeping for a life time


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