Reality TV or Bust!

Reality TV or Bust!

The Buttnaked Truth has been diving into the reality TV phenomenon over the past few days. I’m going to piggy back off of where my colleague left off because we are trying to understand what’s the hype over reality tv? See article Viacom pulls 25 channels Over the past week or so there’s been some controversy over Viacom pulling all of its channels from DirectTV while they work out an appropriate settlement, but I want to talk to all my folks that religiously watch reality TV. Are you going through withdrawals yet? I wonder how many people pulled the plug on DirectTV and switched to cable?
I don’t watch reality TV, in fact the last reality show I seriously watched was “Being Bobby Brown” (which I loved by the way). Over the past few years, the number of shows has grown, as has the buffoonery! We went from Flava Flav looking for love to “For the love of Ray J” (yeah ok) to our current genre of brain cell killers: Basketball Wives, Love and Hip Hop and Sixteen and Pregnant. As if we didn’t have enough problems within our communities, we’ve now opened up dirty laundry for all of America to see. These shows are not only promoting negative stereotypes among young African American Men and Women, but they are SOLDIFYING their truth every week.

What’s The Hype?

So why are reality shows so popular? Well, the drama of course!! Everyone loves some good drama; soap opera’s have thrived on that “reality” for over 50 years, but this isn’t soap opera’s we’re talking about here. These are real people, in semi real life situations, acting a damn fool. Their popularity has increased and is tweeted and face booked religiously by their ever loyal band of followers. I’m disgusted that our young daughters are forced to look at Tami, an angry albeit entertaining, bitter, ghetto weave totting housewife as a role model from VH1’s Basketball Wives(The term “wife” is used loosely) . Here is a grown woman whose video slapping the skin off another woman became viral in a matter of minutes. Tami is no stranger to the reality show circuit as she began her quest for fame many years ago when I was still in high school, on MTV’s The Real World (I’m 36, so that gives you an inkling to how old this chick REALLY is). Nevertheless, America watched as she plotted and connived her way on television as if it’s the thing to do! Shame on you America! And shame on you to ALL the execs out there that put this garbage on TV for our children to watch!

How long are we going to consciously support this crap and EXPECT change? Can we evolve as a people, community and educate ourselves while subjecting our minds to this parade of pathological paradigms? I’m just ONE person. I’m sure my small opinion means nothing, but the next time you go to turn on the television… will you make a change? Give me your buttnaked thoughts!

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3 thoughts on “Reality TV or Bust!

  1. giti می‌گه:اما ازطرف دیگر باید گفت که ژیژک ، بعکس نوام چامسکی ، علیه دو کشور جداگانه برای یهودیان و فلسطینی هاست و از یک کشور برای همه در فلسطین پشتیبانی می کند که امروز تقریبا همگی به این راه حل رسیده اند و دو کشور را نه تنها عملی نمی دانند بلکه عقلانی هم نمی بینند. این نظر را دولت ایران همیشه تبلیغ کرده است. ژیژک می گوید.In the ABC religion and ethcis section, Slavoj Zizek speaks about the fictitious two state solution, annunciating that which many of us already know: ‘If there is a lesson to be learned from the protracted negotiations, it is that the greatest obstacle to peace is what is offered as the realistic solution – the creation of two separate states.’Zizek goes on to say:What both sides exclude as an impossible dream is the simplest and most obvious solution: a bi-national secular state, comprising all of Israel plus the occupied territories and Gaza. Many will dismiss this as a utopian dream, disqualified by the history of hatred and violence.Zizek seems oblivious to Nutanyahoo’s plans to assimilate parts of the West Bank adjacent to Jordan in the fertile Jordan Valley for Israeli military purposes.


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