Is the independent woman TOO independent?

Is the independent woman TOO independent?


It’s 2012 and we’re all familiar with the phrase “Independent Woman!” but has the independent woman gone too far. All too often we see images of the black woman being the sole breadwinner and the black man is absent from this equation. We have an entire generation of black men that were raised without fathers. And where did that get us; Whelp. Please refer to previous blog about men in leggings.

All jokes aside, there is something gravely wrong with this image. Its one thing to be a single woman, going to school and working, but it’s something completely different to be on the prowl for a man while trying to be the man! Have we become too independent? I remember when I began dating my son’s father. He would get so upset when I wouldn’t allow him to open doors for me. I’m not just referring to restaurant doors, but car doors… or any doors for that matter. I was so used to doing it on my own that it came natural to me.  Or maybe I was so used to dating rude knuckle heads to notice; either way something was wrong with my way of thinking.  I read tweets all day from women talking about how ALL men are dogs and where are the real men? Hello Ladies, who’s raising these dogs??  If all these men see are INDEPENDENT women, how in the world can they learn to become independent MEN?

Once the independent woman does enter into a relationship, what’s next? I’ll tell you because I’ve been her! We begin to degrade the man, whether intentional or unintentional, we do it!  If we make more money than him, we remind him. We don’t allow him to lead and be the man of the house. We question his authority. Basically, we run the poor man away. And thus the cycle of finding the perfect “man” for the independent woman continues.  My independence cost me a really good one. I realize that now, but what I want to convey in this blog is there has to be balance.  We have to get back to old school basics that worked. Children should have a mother and father. Women should become wives before they are mothers. Men and women should work simultaneously in one accord.  There is NO independence in a relationship. And there is no relationship for the independent woman.

Ladies if you want to attract a REAL man, you have to be a real woman first! And for those of you that enjoy reaping the single life; more power to you, but stop strutting your ‘independence’ and complaining about it! And that my friends is the butt naked truth!!

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