Hump day for the unemployed. ( Who cares who Stacy Dash supports)

Hump day for the unemployed. ( Who cares who Stacy Dash supports)

Response to Stacy Dash on CNN



I don’t care WHO Stacey Dash supports. But what I DO care about is the jobless and economic crisis that is currently affecting over 920,000 Californians and many others across the nation. I am a victim of this crisis. I do NOT support Obama OR Romney. I support WORK. Neither has given a CLEAR, CONCISE plan for getting the middle class back to work. I DO NOT receive WELFARE. I do NOT qualify for any programs offered to the impoverished. I’m formally educated and I hold not ONE, but TWO degrees and working on a Masters. I’m STILL unable to secure work. While I do agree Obama inherited a bottomless pit of an economy; ENOUGH has not been done; especially when I have to ‘dumb’ down my resume by removing the very education I worked my behind off to get. Does that make sense?

It never really hits HOME until it hits your home! Like cancer, or any other tragedy of life we never truly GET IT until it happens to US. So forgive me if I don’t give two F**** about buying your herbal life or hanging out at your birthday party or doing anything that has to do with YOU…

MY LIFE right is working towards finding a job, so I can provide for my children… getting into my field I so desperately worked for. I don’t have anyone to HOOK me up with a job… or get me in… I have to rely on my REAL experience and education… and right about now it appears my education is only a bill not an asset to my life. So screw Stacey Dash, the BET hip hop awards, Rick Rosses breasts, Obama and Michelle kissing in a field and Romney employing all of flipping India; who is hiring???; What you got on my gas tank? And are you good enough in math to tutor my son? Hump over that! CJT


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