Gunman opens fire on movie theater in Aurora Colorado

Gunman opens fire on movie theater in Aurora Colorado

During the premiere of the post midnight showing of Batman in Aurora Colorado a gunman opens fire on moviegoers.  The shooter allegedly identified as 24 year old James Holmes throws tear gas at the front and back of theater, opens fire and unloads his AR-15 on the crowd.  Witnesses say that the shooter wore S.W.A.T attire including a gas mask.  The shooter left 12 dead and approximately 71 wounded.

Shooting took place at Century 16 on Alameda Ave in theater number 9. Spectators thought that the shooter who came in through the exit door was a part of the premiere until the shooting started which lasted 1 to 2 minutes long according to witnesses. “ The guy next to me was shot, in front of his daughter’s”, according to CNN witness Chris Ramos.

James Holmes is in the Neuroscience Graduate Program at the University of Colorado according to NBC.  Which leads me to my question…. The shooter is educated and going for his PH.D, his young and at 24 the sky is the limit for this guy right? WHY WOULD HE THROW AWAY ALL HIS WORK TO SHOOT PEOPLE AT A BATMAN PREMIERE? CNN reports that James Holmes apartment was booby-trapped with trip wires and other devices.  This doesn’t seem like the pedigree of neuroscience graduate program student. The shooting takes place 15 miles from where the Columbine high school shooting took place. Is there a faction operating in Colorado influencing young people?  What do you think? How does this incident make you feel? Speak out on this tragedy.

Here at the Buttnaked Truth our condolences go out to the friends and family of the victims.

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