Can’t we all just get a long?

Can’t we all just get a long?


It’s not uncommon in this day and age to hear women say “I don’t have many female friends” or “I don’t mess with chicks like that!”  In fact,  20 out of 30 women I spoke with via Facebook and Twitter claimed they had less than two female friends and many cited men as being their bestfriend of choice; especially gay men! What I found shockingly true was that most of these women are black.   As a woman, it’s not out of the ordinary that I’ve encountered women who don’t like me; for whatever reasons, whether it be my skin color, my hair, my affiliations, my personality or maybe they just don’t like me plain and simple! So, I don’t find it odd when I get dirty looks from other black women when I’m out because I’m used to it! What I do find odd is that black women themselves are no longer befriending each other and even exclusively befriending those of other races. Personally, I don’t find anything wrong with this arrangement as I am mixed myself and feel we all benefit from the perspectives of those unlike us, but what about all those black women out there that needs someone who can relate to their own struggles within their race? Why can’t black women get along? I need answers? Why is it imperative that we tear down the next woman’s success or beauty with callous remarks and evil stares? When I grew up, I was surrounded by WOMEN who uplifted one another. It didn’t matter their race, but they were WOMEN and that was enough to solidify a bond between them. And here’s where we get to the BUTTNAKED TRUTH, many women I spoke with cited their lack of trustand increased drama in other black women that keeps them at bay from beginning new friendships with other black women;but instead they are seeking solace in catty gaymen (no offense, but we ALL know feminine black gay men can be far more emotional and full of endless drama than most black women). At this point I’m confused. Could it be that our own self hate prevents lasting and loving bonds between black women; and can WE overcome this stigma? Let me hear your opinions!!

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