Can women handle the truth?

Can women handle the truth?

Relationships are the number one topic of discussion in my life. Some want to know WHY I am single. What am I looking for or why didn’t my last relationship work out. Well, the truth is I’m pretty candid about my love life if prompted. I’ve dated them all from professional athletes to professional ***holes! As my life experience progresses, so does my intuition and ability to weed out potential idiots that may attempt to venture into my life reeking all types of havoc! Recently I was having a text conversation with a very good friend of mine. Not to mention, this very good friend has a solid career, is extremely handsome and more importantly abundantly intelligent. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking; Why aren’t you dating him? (who said I wasn’t… hehe). Seriously, this man is the full package, but he’s single. Him and I have a complicated relationship, yet have remained a strong influence in one another’s lives over the past 6 years. We never lose sight of one another. I trust him and I confide in him about everything! We were discussing my last failed attempt at a relationship. I explained the scenario and remarked “All of my relationships end the same way. He lies and I get hurt!” I went on to say if more men were HONEST about what they want and need, there would be less drama between men and women.
Understand when a person deceives another person it will ALWAYS come to light. I’d prefer to be given a choice. Tell me up front WHO you are and WHAT YOU WANT. Then I have the option to be number two in your life or three or four. My friend says women can’t handle the truth. He says maybe 3 out of 10 women will accept when a man says “I’m not looking for a commitment or I just want to be friends”. Other women will accept this, but then try and change the man into what they want him to be. I disagree with this. I believe there are plenty of women out in the world who would appreciate a man being honest with them. I also believe there are plenty of women who try to fool themselves into believing they can handle a man who is upfront with his intentions.
The butt naked truth of the matter is communication is the single most important aspect of any relationship. Men: don’t lead a woman to water and expect her not to drink, especially when you have a stable of horses you’re keeping. Ladies: be honest with yourself. If a man tells you upfront that he isn’t looking for a relationship, don’t think you can change him. Finally, Ladies… Can you HANDLE the butt naked truth??

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4 thoughts on “Can women handle the truth?

    1. You bring up a valid point, but what about the maturity of a man who feels that he needs to lie to a woman just to keep her around? There ARE women who actually accept open relationships. Also, he can make it clear that he’s just looking for friends with benefits, rather than be ambiguious & leave too much open to interpretation. (The same can apply to women liars as well but we seem to see it a bit more from men).

      1. Tiana,
        I think its a double edged sword, like damned if you do, damned if you don’t. There are GOOD men out there… and there are men who want to play the field with as many women as possible, I do believe that as women, we think we can change a man’s perspective or ways and we cannot. We either accept them for who they are or move on to someone who is more conducive to our own way of living. I think what happens a lot is men become afraid of hurting a woman, so with one lie comes another lie and so on… it becomes a convoluted situation!

  1. I think you said it exactly right… Communication is the key, but communication is not just words, it’s body language, facial expressions, and ACTIONS. A lot ofen say they don’t want relationships but their actions say otherwise. I think it’s important of a man says he just wants to be friends that boundaries are put in place, no midnight phone calls, no going on dates, no flirting, no kissing, no knight in shinning armor. When a man sends those conflicting messages the question is not can a woman handle the truth, but the question is WHAT DO YOU WANT?? Cause actions speak louder than words. Tell me the truth… Then back it up in actions.


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